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Charleston-Kanawha Housing offers two types of housing programs:

                            Section 8 Rental Assistance and Public Housing.

Section 8 rental assistance programs are federal programs funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and administered by Charleston-Kanawha Housing. These include the Housing Choice Voucher program, which is tenant-based assistance (assistance travels with a family), and the Moderate Rehabilitation Program, which is unit-based assistance (a family has assistance as long as they reside in a unit). Families cannot use a voucher in a Mod Rehab unit.

Families are responsible for finding their own housing and paying a portion (30%) of their monthly income toward rent and utilities. Charleston-Kanawha Housing makes up the difference between the cost and the families contribution.

Visit Section 8 Rental Assistance Program if you are interested in finding out more about applying for housing assistance through this program. .

The public housing program offers tenants a home in communities managed by Charleston-Kanawha Housing. The rent they pay is based on 30% of their monthly-adjusted income and all basic utilities are paid.

Charleston-Kanawha Housing manages six family communities and four high-rise communities as well as scattered sites throughout the city of Charleston. These communities provide homes for more than 2000 residents.

Find out more about applying for the Public Housing Program.

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