Change of Status
  Change In Ownership

A change in ownership does not require the immediate execution of a new contract; however, the current owner must request in writing approval for the new owner to assume the HAP Contract from Charleston-Kanawha Housing Authority (CKHA) and provide documentation about the new owner prior to the sale. CKHA must receive:

1. A written request by the old owner in order to change HAP payee and/or the address to which payment is to be sent.
2. The name, address and telephone number of the proposed new owner.
3. The date by which the transfer of property is to be final.

CKHA will process the Assumption of Contract only after the proposed new owner has qualified. A new contract will be executed at the time of the next scheduled recertification for the tenant.

CKHA will process a change of ownership only upon the written request of the new owner and only if accompanied by a copy of the escrow statement or other document showing the transfer of title and the Employee Identification Number or Social Security number of the new owner.

Change of Address

CKHA will process a change of address for a landlord upon receipt of a written request and an updated W-9 Tax Identification Form. The request and completed form should be sent to the Aaron Gumm at A temporary change of address should also be submitted in writing to the Occupancy Supervisor.

More Resources...

IRS W-9 Form (PDF, 34K)


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