Public Housing Application Process

Steps for applying for Public Housing:

1. Ways to obtain an application:
a. Come in to the Administrative Building located at 1525 Washington Street West, Charleston, WV.
b. Call 304-348-6451 ext. 202 to request having one mailed to their address.
c. Download application packet located on the Forms tab.. (This is only the pre-application, a full application will still need to be completed at Charleston-Kanawha Housing's administrative offices)

2. Things needed to process application:
a. Birth Certificate (for all household members)
b. Social Security Card (for all household members)
c. Photo ID (for everyone over the age of 18)
d. Proof of income

3. Release of information:
a. Landlord Verification or reference
b. Income verification
c. Criminal background check (if indication of criminal record; fingerprints are required).

4.Completion of application process:
a. All verification are returned and no negative responses from any reference source.
b. Placed on the waiting list.

5. Process of denial of application:
a. Notification of applicant of denial and reasons for not being accepted.
b. Potential applicant may request informal hearing to appeal the denial decision. This request must be made within 10 business days.
c. The decision from the informal hearing will be either be upheld or overturned. If decision is overturned the applicant will be placed according to the original application date.

Working Preference

The Working Preference is provided when at least one adult in your household is employed for at least 20 hours per week. You must complete a working preference form and provide documentation of employment with either a copy of a recent pay stub (within the past month) or a letter from your employer.

The Working Preference is also extended to elderly families and to families whose head or spouse are receiving income based on their inability to work (such as SSI).

Some reasons for denial of applicant:
Criminal Record,
Bad Landlord reference,
Previous tenant left owing money to Charleston-Kanawha Housing or other landlord.

2014 Income Limits
Number of Persons Income Limits
1 $ 31,300
2 $ 35,750
3 $ 40,200
4 $ 44,650
5 $ 48,250
6 $ 51,800
7 $ 55,400
8 $ 58,950

Charleston-Kanawha Housing Authority Proposed Flat Rent Schedule 2012

Development Apartment Size
  Studio 1-BR 2-BR 3-BR 4-BR 5-BR 6-BR
Littlepage Terrace   $442.00 $555.00 $660.00      
Orchard Manor     $561.00 $652.00      
Lee Terrace  $426.00 $459.00          
Jarrett Terrace $426.00 $459.00          
Hillcrest Village   $490.00 $598.00 $711.00 $825.00 $949.00  
Oakhurst Village   $490.00 $598.00 $711.00 $825.00 $949.00  
South Park Village       $688.00 $818.00 $941.00 $1,076.00
Carroll Terrace $426.00 $459.00 $575.00        
Lippert Terrace   $459.00          
Wertz Avenue       $566.00      
Piedmont Road     $509.00        
Coal Branch Heights     $509.00 $572.00      
McCormick Street       $596.00      
Shaw Street     $492.00        
Fourth Avenue         $710.00    
Hunt Avenue     $518.00        
West Avenue       $578.00      
Claire Avenue         $707.00    
Baird Drive       $596.00      

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