Charleston Replacement Housing #1


Charleston-Kanawha Housing Authority has completed phase one of a redevelopment plan that will be implemented in five phases and will lead to the overall construction of more than 300 new homes and the total revitalization of two of the oldest public housing communities in the state of West Virginia, Littlepage Terrace and Washington Manor. 


Forty-four new homes were constructed on three separate sites; Jarrett Terrace, Orchard Manor & Patrick Street.  There are eight (8) one-bedroom units, fourteen (14) two-bedroom units, sixteen (16) three-bedroom units and six (6) four-bedroom units.  These communities are owned by Charleston Replacement Housing Limited Partnership # 1 and are public housing and tax credit units.  All three of these locations are fully occupied.


Charleston Replacement Housing #2


Phase II is complete and fully occupied.  Forty-four new homes were constructed in three separate locations, on Hutchinson Street in Orchard Manor, beside Washington Manor and in Littlepage Terrace.  There are eight (8) one-bedroom, eighteen (18) two-bedroom, sixteen (16) three-bedroom and two (2) four-bedroom units. Nine of these units are reserved for people with disabilities.  Twenty two (22) of the units are designated public housing and 22 are project-based section 8. 


Orchard Elderly


Twelve units were constructed on Copenhaver Drive in Orchard Manor in 2009 and are designated elderly.  These are all one-bedroom public housing units and are fully occupied.


Charleston Replacement Housing #3


Charleston Replacement Housing #3 is nearing completion in Washington Manor.  Seven buildings were demolished consisting of 120 units and 3 buildings were demolished in Littlepage Terrace consisting of 46 units. 


 Ninety seven affordable rental units, which includes a 36-unit building for elderly/disabled, are currently being constructed in Washington Manor.  The replacement bedroom distribution will be 36 one-bedrooms, 24 two– bedrooms and 20 three-bedrooms for a total of 80 units.


Twenty-four affordable rental units contained in 6 buildings will be constructed on the Littlepage Terrace site.  The replacement bedroom distribution will be 8 one-bedroom, 4 two-bedroom and 4 three-bedroom units for a total of 16 units. 



All of these new homes are furnished with energy star appliances, dishwashers, central heat and air, carpeted bedrooms and are wheelchair accessible on the first level.  The two-bedroom units have 1.5 baths; three-bedroom units have 2 baths; and the four-bedroom units have 2.5 baths.  Each of these communities are located on the city busline.


Section 3


Residents of public housing will be given priority for employment opportunities during the redevelopment process.  As outlined in the Section 3 plan, Alan Ives Construction Co., LLC, as general contractor for the development of Charleston Replacement Housing, will provide opportunities for employment and training of low income residents to perform construction labor, demolition crew, landscaping and exterior painting.






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